"These hubs come fully packed with Mystik JT-6 High Temp. grease and needs no additional service for 30,000 miles.  To regrease the hubs, remove the drive axle nut and push the drive axle in as far as it will go.  Then place the grease gun on the grease cert inside of the hub.  The old grease will come out at the back of the hub.  When you see new grease, stop!  Hub is

fully packed.  Then clean up old grease with shop towel and replace nut.m Torque the drive axle nut to 250-300 ft. lbs.  These hubs need to be regreased every 30,000 miles.  If the JT-6 High Temp. Grease is not available in your area, then call or write to me and I will send you some. Failure to follow these instructions will void out warranty.  Warranty cannot be transferred from one owner to another.  Please keep this with your motorhome records.  FIVE (5) YEAR GUARANTEE ON THESE HUBS, IF DIRECTIONS ARE FOLLOWED. Note---Tell mechanic to torque drive axle nut to 250-300 ft. lbs.  Torque lug nuts to 150 ft. lbs."  "ANY ATTEMPT TO DISASSEMBLE THESE HUBS WILL VOID OUT WARRANTY"   These pictures show the grease fitting and the location of the added bearing.  It is interesting to note the 32 foot GMC that the brochure says "was not a stretched out motorhome ????

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