There are maintenance / upgrades that should be made to the GMC before they  hit the road the first time.  These are items that will hurt you or let you down.   If you read the literature, there are  bad stories of coaches burned up, crashed with no brakes, etc.  I think we can avoid most of these with good maintenance. This might become a prioritized list of maintenance items.  But some of these are upgrades that do not appear in the shop manual.

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1  Service  your bearings now (30,000 miles) or you will have a failure. If you didn't do it, it did not happen.
2  Tighten your  lower ball joints at least every time you grease the front end or your will have a lower control arm failure.
3  If your TIRES are over 5 years old, you are past the OEM warranty.  Good time to change the tires.  Look on the sidewall for this lable
Third week of 96
 In the year 2000, the serial number went to an 11-digit number allowing for a four digit serial week code to  identify new decade.

4  (May not be a truth, but I believe) if you  have 100,000 miles on your 20 year old coach, you need new:
  master cyl
  vac booster
  gas lines
  gas pump
  water pump and temp fan
  brake cyl -front and back

These are going to leave you broken on the road.  This is not to say a broken gear tooth or an errant duck through the radiator will not still get you. Failure of the items above I guarantee will happen to you.  (most of them have happened to me)


Transmission vent, drain hose(vent has burned up several coaches)
Steel gas line to the engine
Dash Heater Fire Hazard - clean out the Heater Box (8/13/05)
Replace the Engine Oil cooler Lines (8/13/05)
Install an APC Alternator Protection Cable to stop an Alternator failure from burning up the Dash Wires.
Wire electric gas pump through the oil switch and Ignition

Replace Rear Battery booster cable
Replace fire extinguisher
Replace isolation pads near the air tubes for the suspension
Test propane system for leaks / bad regulator
Replace rubber brake lines
Add a vacuum backup for the brakes
Replace front bearings
Replace rubber gas lines(including generator)
Check steering and suspension
Replace tires over 5 years old
Use auto-reset circuit brakers on rear lights and air system
Modify Davo bunk bed to keep from smashing fingers

Please send me your items  and your priority