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It is now almost 1 year since I started providing front bearing temperature measuring capability. This has helped me and others monitor the performance of the front wheel bearings, which are by far, the the most sensitive parts on our GMC motorhome, depending on good preventive maintenance. This measuring capability was the result of a major breakdown on one of my bearings (which where installed by a "qualified GMC" shop). Since then I heard from 10 others that had similar problems.
Feedback from those that have installed the sensors have reported various results (1 near failure and 1 with large differences in temp. from side to side). Based on this feedback modifications have been made on the original unit plus there is now a choice of 4 additional versions.

Attached are pictures of the 5 versions now available.

HB8-1    The original LCD display unit now has internal light for night viewing, Cost still $ 149.00
HB8-2    The same as HB8-1 except it has an LED display for better night viewing. Cost is $ 169
HB8-3    The same as HB8-2 but available in a standard 2 1/8 car gauge housing. Cost is $ 169.00
HB10-1  Instaed of a disply, it has 8 LED lights indicating the temp. One for each wheel. Cost is $ 159.00
HB10-2  Same as HB10-1 but available in a standard 2 1/8 car gauge housing. Cost is $ 159.00

In each case there is a $ 6.00 shipping and handling charge.

For additional information you can reach me at (847) 776-6708 or by email    horstb@worldnet.attnet

Horst Becker