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Some times you do something so simple that makes you wildly happy.  I have never been happy with the louver cabinet doors in my Palm Beach.  I love the doors, but the snap hinges would not hold them open,  they were too heavy.  I have tried stronger versions of the same hinges with no success and lots of cost.  I recently saw some door shocks on a SOB and found they were just the thing to solve my problem.  After I found them, I have seen pictures of several GMC coaches that had similar shocks installed (but they never told me).

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They install with three screws  and it takes about 5 minutes for each one.   Only one is required for each door and the existing  snap hinges remain as they were. The shocks do an excellent job of holding the doors open and closed.

I bought the hinges from Campers choice.

Cabinet Door Shock        H170        $1.53


For about $15 I have solved a nagging problem.