Autocad drawings by Erv Troyer
You mentioned in a later post that you are learning CAD. Some time  ago I made AutoCAD drawings of both the driver and passenger sides. These are  scaled correctly, based on the drawings provided by GMC in their manuals. I  don't know what CAD program you are using, but most programs will open DWG or  DXF files. If you need a version that is not there let me know, and I will see  if I can make it.

I also made some JPG files of these same drawings for  those that don't have a CAD program.
These files are currently posted on  Henry Davis's website  at:

This  is the list of  files that are there:

JPG (picture) files
GMC  Dside.jpg   JPG file, Driver Side
GMC Pside.jpg   JPG  file, Passenger Side

AutoCAD files, Passenger side
GMC PSide  2000.dwg   for AutoCAD Rel 2000+
GMC PSide R14.dwg   for  AutoCAD Rel 14, LT 97, 98
GMC PSide R14.dxf   for AutoCAD Rel 14  DXF, LT 97, 98
GMC PSide R12.dxf   for AutoCAD Rel 12 DXF, LT  2

AutoCAD files, Driver side
GMC DsideR14.dwg   AutoCAD Rel  14, LT 97, 98

Erv Troyer    Lagrange, IN
1974 (former)  Sequoia


I will leave the art here until they get their page back .  To save a figure to disk, place the cursor on the figure and right click the mouse.  Then select the save-to-disk  or save-figure-as option.

view a

view b

view c

view d
Here are some good patterns for Paint layouts by Chuck Esh

GMCnet  Flag



You might try Buskirk in Michigan.  They used to carry all of the decals.

You can also get the decals from Tom Hampton at Grandview Motorhome inMarysville, Ohio. I'm not sure of the price.

Don Pontious
Mansfield, OH 
Birchaven Sketches