The interesting thing about the bed drawer is that it rolls all the way in and comes out all the way, allowing it to be removed in case you have to work on the pump or the water tanks.

Click for detailsConstruction:  3/4" plywood with a 3/4" aluminum cap to keep from getting splinters.  The rollers are about 1" woodworking ball bearings that are used to move wood along when cutting etc.  They were put in from the inside with heavy screws and I can stand inside and it will still roll.  I only used four, one on each corner.  The locks consist of dead bolts bought at a yard sale because they had no locks.  Since I was not interested in their locking, I put them in with the knobs on the outside of the drawer, allowing the two to keep the drawer in place.


I raised the dinette by 4 inches using 4/4 wood.  i.e.. that is wood that is really 2"X4" not 1 1/2"X3" as in regular 2/4s.  That allowed me to use the bolt holes to connect the drawer to the base I built.

Then I installed some heavy duty hardware, in my case 140# load bearing full tension guides, and make a drawer that fit snugly under the dinette. I did cut off the metal brace on the back of the dinette but inserted 2" angle iron brackets on the sides of the dinette to fasten it to the floor.

Click for DetailUsed simple locks to lock the drawer when shut, and put in a divider so things wouldn't roll around while traveling.  Drawer works great, and the opening on the inside of the dinette still allows one to get to the inside to install the bolts to the floor and to use the little pockets on the sides for hiding other important stuff.

Courtesy of Al Chernoff