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Black & GMCMI List Fuses and Terminals Belts Gas Pump- Mech.
GMCMM & Cinn. Mg Light Bulbs Hoses-Water & Vac. Water Pump

Hookup Wire Electric Gas Pump Alternator

Oil & Fuel Filters Tran Governor Gear Exhaust Gaskets

O2 Sensor Oil, ATF,Brake Fl. CV Joint

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Brake Cyl, and Caliper

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Where can I find used parts for my GMC?
Has anyone noticed the there is an add in the FMAC magazine on page257 ( dismantling for parts 1976 GMC) fax 616-530-3035  e-mail
Carleton Douglas 3/20/06

Just thought I'd let the group know, Ken Frey in Quakertown, PA has another 26' coach he is parting. Seems this one ran off the side of the road and damaged the driver side (cracked fiberglass front to back).  Front windows popped out when it happened.  He
is stripping it down but I get the feeling alot of the original interior stuff (couches, cabinets, etc...) are not going to be saved. The frame looks good but he said he wasn't saving it reasonin g if someone were going thru the trouble of replacing the frame, they should use new, thicker steel.   I have the TZE #, just not with me right now.  He also has another coach he started to strip last year.  This one has serious frame rot.EricH.
Frame and components from a 1978 fire damaged GMC coach.

- Rust free frame
- 455 engine and trany both have less than 15000 miles since rebuild
- Rims, brake drums. air bags, bogies, all rear and front components
- Gas tanks
- Propane tank
- Fiberglass storage area boxes with doors.
- Inner finders
- 12 volt refrigerator
- Inverter
- Many other parts - call

Frame, engine, trany intact and towable - take all at a steal price.

Call or E-mail for more info and offers to:

Jim Carrano
1725 Oakview Dr.
Stoughton, WI  53589
Phone - 608/873-4824

Dale Anderson is parting out several coaches. Give him a call 815-485-2462.

Craig  in Alabama  256-767-2168

All GMCers  When a GMC friend, Bill Wessels recently died he owned several junked GMC coaches parked in Mechanicsburg PA (near Harrisburg PA). His wife who is actively using their very nice GMC told me she does not want to be involved in selling parts from the coaches like her husband was. She wants people to contact "Harry" at 1-717-766-1000, he is the person who operates Bill Wessels old used car lot and is where the coaches are stored. After you have made financial arrangements with Harry I (and possibly several other local GMCers, Like Crashj, Jeff Willard, others) may be willing to help with the procurement and or shipping of the needed parts. Harry may tell you to
call me but I am trying to stay out of the financial situation of these parts, they belong to Barb and Harry is selling for her, I have no stake at all in this pile other than trying to make sure people who need "things" know of this possible source, and enjoy mucking around with GMC things. .Guy Peeters

Art Owens from Aransas Pass, Texas told me in Niagara that he had a complete
bogie assembly, both sides, from a salvage coach that he used body parts
from to stretch his coach. You may want to contact him at Ph. 361-758-0246.
Bob Drewes   seSD  23 & 26 ft    73's
I have just bought a salvage 26 foot 1973 coach in Portland OR. (Thank you,Larry, for the "heads-up")  There are no appliances in it, no rear window, rear side windows are sold,  the front large side windows and the side bath enclosure are likely sold, the front bumper is not there, the entrance door and peripheral body framework is available, other framework for anyone considering a "Stretch" project is also available.

If anyone wants anything, please act quickly because the coach will be in Canada by the end of the week, if Canada Customs let me. I can remove some parts before it leaves the USA and ship them.

Denny Allen
Cowichan Bay, B.C.

GMC Parts
 Coach, 78 Royal Burned unit, many  parts Sheraton, Or.  DJ Eberhart  503-843-3247
 GMC Parts
 Coach 1974Full GMCVictoria BCDenny Allen250-746-7381

 GMC PartsCoach Burnedunit, many partsYakima WAJohn DeGrasse509-248-5479

If anyone is interested the subject is being parted out in the San Antonio area and the owner is anxious to make some room for his "keeper"

Pls contact Jim Dean directly at

hey all, in regards to parts-coaches, i've been meaning to put together a little web-page with inventory and pics of what's left of my '73 23footer, bought to help refurb my '78 Eleganza.  but time flies, and i'm accruing monthly storage on the thing (1/2 hr east of Los Angeles), and so i've got to get this project moving.  i'm starting to keep an eye open for an appropriate final resting place for the hulk, once its been taken to the next stage of stripped.  when i bought it, there was NO interior, and no engine.  tranny sitting on the floor.  sold the windshields and removed the radiator.  next comes "harvesting" the front frame cross-member, which will render the rig quite difficult, if not impossible to tow.  anybody interested in a good deal?  if i can relocate it and work on it on somebody's yard, removing what i need over the course of a few weekends, i'd then leave behind what's left...  either for cheap or for free... depending upon how much good stuff is left behind... and how we factor in the towing bill.  interested in negotiating, or better yet bartering for labor help with this project... quite a bit of which is challenging my limited skills.  in the meantime a quick preliminary list follows of remaining parts for sale.  prices would vary depending upon whether you're local enough to come out and remove 'em yourself... of course shipping of larger parts or glass could be an issue. 
all money recouped from the parts-mobile will be going to a great cause: towards restoring my '78 eleganza II, totalled last summer by a drunk driver.
i'll post to the list if i ever get that more-detailed webpage together, but here's a rough overview:

rear window / driver's side front little window fixed and slider / pass side front little, fixed only
pass side window medium / driver's side big windows (missing)
side window frames (3)
door (damaged, no hardware, no window) / door frame
side view mirrors
rotor (2) / hubs / knuckles
steering pump (unknown condition), steering column and steering wheel
mufflers (not bad)
rear bogies / pins (i want to keep the passenger side if possible)
2 airbags and cones (want to keep one)
rear drums (4)  (i want to keep 2)
sunroofs (3) (actually, i think these are moonroofs, tinted glass) (have pics)
instrument gauge, custom  (have pics)
generator door / rear right door
holding tank
gas tanks
trans / final drive
6 steel wheels and air-holding tires, half with decent class-D tread
frame (all but front cross-member, good shape)
front fiberglass "cap" (i might opt to not use this piece in my repair)
the rest of the exterior body, decent shape, white

so feel free to email me with inquiries, especially anybody with leads to an appropriate final resting place for the carcass!
thanks much :)
Greg Weber
los angeles (parked at Pt. Dume today)