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This modification solves many problems
    Davo seat slides out so you can use the whole cushion
    The bunk / back no longer hits the top of the cushion so you can raise the seat
    The Seat is raised about 2 inches so it no longer  hits the step underneath
    The Seat will slide back into the original position.

This is a bolt-on modification.  No drilling, welding, or modifications made to the original couch.  Using standard parts from Home Depot the whole project should only take a couple of  hours. ( that is what they all say)

Now in the bed mode you can slide the couch up to the wall in the original position, and in the Couch mode you can slide the couch up against the seat back so you get the whole cushion to sit on.  The only long storage in the GMC, is now available from the top of the couch, buy lifting the back up.

The pictures and descriptions are here:

Two tracks are made from electrical Uni-strut channels and the sliders for the couch use the nuts that are used to attach to these channels.  Two tracks are cut "14 inches long and 4 of the 3/8 nuts are required.  There are small teath in the sliding chanels  of the nuts that need to be ground out so the sliders will not jam and grab the channels.
2 ea     14" Channels
4 ea     3/8 " Mounting nuts
2 ea      3/8" X 1" bolts
2 ea    3/8" X1.5" bolts
6 ea     3/8" Nuts
4 ea    2" fender washers with a 3/8" hole
10ea    3/8" washers


GMC Danger
 How to lose your finger tips and how to protect against that. If you close the upper bunk while holding the outer right edge of the bunk you risk loosing the finger tips of your right hand. This mod will add a rope handle to the middle of the bunk. Mark A
Our good buddy Dallas, has published a different version of this where he runs the hold-up belt through the middle of the couch hinge and then hooks this up to the ceiling to hold up the bunk bed out of the way.  This belt can also be used to fold up the Bunk.   I don't have the pictures since they are lost in GMCMM.  But I am going to try this modification and then I will publish the pictures.  Gene

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By Gary Berry